MEMORY: LISTENING with the Brain bk1



“Please can we do those Memory Skills activities now??”

Students LOVE these activities- students have actually ASKED for more of them!

Re-issued by popular demand. Also used by SPELD teachers!


  • Easy to administer: takes less than 5 minutes a day (or once per week, etc)
  • Students’ page and teachers’ answers page included
  • Self-monitoring ongoing assessment sheets also included. Watch your students’ joy as they see their scores improving!
  • All of the three books in this auditory memory series, contain several different sections
      • Concentration! (Listening, concentration and memory)
      • Item Missing (listening and memory)
      • Digits Forwards (listening and memory)
      • Digits Backwards (listening, concentration and memory)

    You can use the sections in any order. NOTE: the sequences within each section are set out in order of ascending difficulty; we recommend that you follow them through in their entirety, and in that order.

    Memory skills are not often specifically or consciously taught in schools, even though they are an essential skills in all learning areas. But, NOW YOU CAN!!

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