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THINKIES: Human Brain
HOT UNITS Book 1B - ebook version

HOT UNITS Book 1B - ebook version

Ebook version. MORE in ThinkShop's highly popular HOT UNITS series by Elaine le Sueur.. you asked, and here they are!   Plug these hot units right into your classroom. Four books i..

$NZ 20.00

HABITS of MIND: How To Teach; ebook version

HABITS of MIND: How To Teach; ebook version

The ebooks version of How To Teach the Habits Of Mind- all you need to start using and assessing the HOM with your children- and with adults! A best seller. ..

$NZ 25.00

THINKIES: Resilience
RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES  ebook (Advanced version)

RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES ebook (Advanced version)

The concept of RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES examines the role that you and others play in a co-operative environment, using Big Understandings such as "Although we are individuals we need to consi..

$NZ 15.00

SCHOOL CAMP- ILC intro version

SCHOOL CAMP- ILC intro version

SCHOOL CAMP (intro) examines the role that school camp plays in our lives; how SCHOOL CAMP has/can negatively/positively affect individuals, society or the environment, using Big Understandings such a..

$NZ 10.00 $NZ 20.00



KNOW costs and SAVE: SHIPPING & GST included before you check out!! Your 2016 innovative teachers’ companion Middle and Senior Primary edition NOTE: ThinkShop's prices decreas..

$NZ 34.00

Successful Civilisations

Successful Civilisations

Please ensure FIRST that you can access the free video on YouTube HERE..  Then buy this ebook, and you have a  BRILLIANT UBD unit integrating the Key Competencies, higher level thinking, and..

$NZ 27.50 $NZ 20.00