Terms & Conditions

  1. E-version of books (“e-books”) are for SOLE USE by the user and the user’s class, unless a multi-user licence is purchased for that specific resource which then permits permanent use of that e-book on one school’s intranet, or on the teachers’ computers.
  2.  Ebooks because of their nature, can NOT be refunded once they have been downloaded. Of course, we’re happy to help with any problems you might have.
  3. Hard-copy versions are gladly refunded for whatever reason as long as they are returned in original condition, with a copy of the purchase order, and within 14 days of purchase.

PLEASE don’t give away copies of our ebooks- they take a LOT of work to prepare for you, and we’re offering them to you at amazingly low prices!!

Questions? We’re happy to help! Just email us using the CONTACT US page.


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