Harry Stottlemeier- Teacher’s Manual and student books


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AN AMAZING BUY- this set is worth it’s weight in gold!

This instructional manual includes hundreds of short, accessible
explanations of the philosophical ideas and issues written into HARRY
the novel, and as such is a valuable introduction to philosophy. Adults
with no experience in academic philosophy will have no trouble using
this manual to engage young people in philosophical dialogue.

The manual provided ON ITS OWN is highly valuable: discussion plans and exercises to help the students think for themselves about the philosophical ideas most relevant to their experience. The manual is also a primer in critical thinking and formal and informal logic, which are treated as helpful tools for inquiry.
Students will find the logic meaningful as they are able to use these new tools to find answers to their own philosophical questions. The manual deals with everyday situations which a group of children encounter. These situations then become the substance for mental engagement and thinking about thinking.

Rather than looking for answers, the type of thinking encouraged is about prolonging questioning, and performing self-initiated testing on the events or objects under discussion. There is a focus on how to teach ourselves logic by examining the results of the self-initiated tests. The books deal with substantial democratic issues as well such as “should every child go to school?”, “should every person salute the flag?”

NOTE: INCLUDES a set of 12 Student copies of the HARRY book, which is a novella for students to introduce them to philosophical thinking.

The manual is spiral-bound, and about 3cm thick. So SHIPPING COSTS FOR THE WHOLE SET available for New Zealand ONLY, and the additional $12 shipping cost has been INCLUDED in the purchase price.

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