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Great gift for friends and colleagues!

Thinkshop’s very own graphic designer Peter Lole,  and writer Matt Lawrey, have come up with a hilarious comic book, The Little Things, which takes those tender, desperate, ridiculous and monotonous moments of parenting and finds a lovely, gentle humour in them.

A fabulous gift for family, friends, grandparents – even just yourself!

Available only as a hard (printed) copy; no ebook available, so no password needed.


Some reviews:

“I crack up when I read “The Little Things” each week. I am a Granny and have a long memory. You are spot on with your topics. Keep them coming. Please produce a book. At the moment I cut out the cartoon each week and keep it. Cheers 🙂 ”
Dorothy, Duncraig Western Australia

“Have you considered writing a book? It would make a great gift for new parents.”
Barbara, Waikato

“Just have to compliment you on your very gentle and also very humorous cartoons. What a great change to the usual hard-nosed ones we often get! I always look for them now on page 2 in the Nelson Mail!”
Dennis, Nelson

“You capture the “funny parts” of parenting so very well and they do not really change over the generations. My children are adults but I still smile at the memories these wee drawings bring back and enjoy remembering being like the parents in the drawings even down to the white lies about the icecream truck. ”
Wendy, Christchurch

“Congratulations to both of you on bringing something positive to our lives every day. My latest addition is 3 months old and I can totally relate to the “how much you love them when they’re sleeping” cartoon. Ah, sleep; I wonder what that feels like! All the best and keep `em comin’.
Jackie, Nelson

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoy the gentle humour of The Little Things. I first became a mother 50 years ago, and most things still apply. Good on you both.
Robyn, NZ

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