The Little Things cartoon book 2



Book 2: “Wondering if they’re possessed” – MORE sanity-savers for mums and dads!


The most read and published Kiwi cartoon in a generation. Appearing in newspapers across New Zealand and Australia, here’s a set of cartoons for parents, created by parents who understand that while being a mum or dad can be hard work, it can also be very, very funny.

Great gift for friends and colleagues!

Thinkshop’s very own graphic designer Peter Lole,  and writer Matt Lawrey, have come up with another hilarious comic book, The Little Things, which takes those tender, desperate, ridiculous and monotonous moments of parenting and finds a lovely, gentle humour in them.

A fabulous gift for family, friends, grandparents – even just yourself!

Available only as a hard (printed) copy; no ebook available, so no password needed.


Some reviews:

“I crack up when I read “The Little Things” each week. I am a Granny and have a long memory. You are spot on with your topics. Keep them coming. Please produce a book. At the moment I cut out the cartoon each week and keep it. Cheers 🙂 ”
Dorothy, Duncraig Western Australia

“Have you considered writing a book? It would make a great gift for new parents.”
Barbara, Waikato

“Just have to compliment you on your very gentle and also very humorous cartoons. What a great change to the usual hard-nosed ones we often get! I always look for them now on page 2 in the Nelson Mail!”
Dennis, Nelson

“You capture the “funny parts” of parenting so very well and they do not really change over the generations. My children are adults but I still smile at the memories these wee drawings bring back and enjoy remembering being like the parents in the drawings even down to the white lies about the icecream truck. ”
Wendy, Christchurch

“Congratulations to both of you on bringing something positive to our lives every day. My latest addition is 3 months old and I can totally relate to the “how much you love them when they’re sleeping” cartoon. Ah, sleep; I wonder what that feels like! All the best and keep `em comin’.
Jackie, Nelson

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoy the gentle humour of The Little Things. I first became a mother 50 years ago, and most things still apply. Good on you both.
Robyn, NZ

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