Includes sample BIG UNDERSTANDINGS such as:

•  Resilience is more than just ‘bouncing back’
•  Resilience is closely linked with various personality traits
•  Resilience is a thinking behaviour
•  Resilience strategies can be learned.
•  Perhaps other living things demonstrate resilience,from plants to animals.

And also essential questions such as:

• Is part of resilience, knowing when to give up a specific approach and try a different strategy? Explain your thinking.
• Does having to overcome many problems in your life, mean that you actually become more successful if you develoresilience?
• Does nature show resilience?
• Is adaption a manifestation of resilience?
• What special features do humans have that helps them to be resilient?

Suitable for years 5-12 (ages 9 yrs to adult). NOTE: can be viewed on  laptops, iPads, tablets, desktop computers. Accessible in ANY browser.

The clickable thumbnail images on the left will give you generic details of the contents (both the website content sections you get, as well as the detailed and printable Teacher's Package. They'll give you a quick overview.

Q. DO MY STUDENTS HAVE to build a website?

Answer: No, not at all. They can use any method of presentation they like-- the website can stand alone as a portal to all of the activities and information we've designed. HOWEVER: the free WIX website software they can use, is intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop, so you can just let them go-- YES  they can explore and learn at the same time, also freeing you up to relax and enjoy their learning while you give them ongoing feedback on their progress.

Yes- we've come up with what we hope is just what modern teachers need: an online unit that teachers/schools can purchase, which caters for:

  • blended and 'flipped" learning (in-class work, computers, and any-time work)
  • differentiated learning (caters for all abilities, offers choices)
  • suitable for ages 9-adult
  • possibility for gifted groups, individual enrichment, whole classes, syndicates...

Want the FULL DETAILS? Watch our brief video overview right now- simply click the VIDEO button here --you get SO-O-O much!!!  

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THINKIES: Resilience

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