One of many great testimonials:

"Hi Jean
I promised that I would give you some feedback on the units which I bought from you this year and sorting out all the paperwork last week jogged my memory that I hadn’t done that yet!

I've used “Rights and Responsibilities”, “Probability” and “Freedom” with Year 3, 4 and 6 GATE groups.

All the units had really good Thinking/Talking/Exploring Cards, Essential Questions and Creativity Extenders - all of which I used.
I also appreciated the internet links especially the Ted talks. I found some more of ‘my own’ too which I used for some units!

Because I used them with my GATE groups and so had four 90 minute sessions I probably used them slightly differently to a class teacher but the concepts, in particular Freedom which I did with my Y6 group this term, provided some excellent discussions and challenges.

Because I’m the only one taking these groups (from Year 2 to 6) finding 5 different, stimulating topics every term for these children is quite a challenge, so I’ve appreciated having resources like yours to help trigger my thoughts and provide extension for these children.

Many thanks for all the effort which you have put into creating them and sharing them with us."

Alison Laxon
Victoria Avenue School, NZ