Co-constructive teaching & learning

Co-constructive teaching & learning

Co-constructive teaching: WHAT IS IT?

It's a wonderfully enriching way for both teaching and learning, that has the very same underpinnings as Inquiry Learning with Concepts, namely:

 ensure PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is always the starting point so that understandings and misconceptions are addressed

 student input, peer and self-assessment, Socratic discussions, and student and teacher-led learning, are crucial components

 the unit is based on a concept so as to build understandings of opposing viewpoints

 both formative and summative assessments are used

 students are helped to form Big Questions , or Big Understandings

 students are offered choice in their learning , with the goal of self-directed learning

The co-constructive model is incorporated fully and completely into all of our INQUIRY units. The models blend together beautifully and are mutually beneficial!