<p>Thank you for your input- pros and cons opinions much appreciated on the first (hopefully of many, if feedback is positive) Thinkies "Blended Learning" website unit.</p>

<p>Do please add your thinking re price. We’re well aware of teachers’ constricted budgets, and want to price this fairly.</p>

<p>Please bear in mind: Buying this unit gives that school a perpetual "licence" for your very own site. As a buyer you’d be given your very own MASTER COPY of this site, which you can personalise,&nbsp; add to, or change etc as you wish!&nbsp; And <strong>you alone</strong> will have access to your master site, with your own login and password; so you have control over you you share the website address with.&nbsp; <strong>It will be totally separate from ThinkShop.</strong></p>

<p>We’ve tried hard to make a ‘differentiated’ unit to cater for both teachers’ and students’ needs, that can constantly be adapted/changed by the teacher- so your comments were music to our ears.</p>

<p>When the final polished-up unit is ready, we’ll happily send you a copy… it’s coming within the next week we hope- we’re working feverishly on it, with a whole load more units/titles to come in our store :)</p>

<p><strong>UPDATE on PRICING:</strong> We’re now thinking maybe $45 for one teacher to use in perpetuity, and add a whole-school perpetual licence for an additional $25 (so that several classes, some groups, some individual students needing enrichment, and perhaps also a Gifted group or class, could ALL be using it in the same school, even simultaneously). Obviously it would be up to the buyer to be honest, but we teachers show a huge amount of integrity, so we’re happy to trust buyers on that! Any further comments/suggestions on pricing please..?</p>

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