RULES 2: ADV version (ebook)



INQUIRY LEARNING through Concepts. Advanced version. All the ‘hard bits’ done, and ready for you to personalise for your class! The concept of RULES examines the role that rules play in a community or a culture, using Big Understandings such as “People’s values and knowledge determine whether they think a rule is fair or unfair” through to Essential Questions such as, “When should children be able to make the rules?”. PLUS a choice of creative thinking activities, assessment tools etc.
All the hard work done for you – provides you with the planning framework, a recommended video link or book as an introductory hook, a set of photocopiable cards to promote sharing of Prior Knowledge…assessments.. even a list of suggested resources!
Using the highly-praised “Inquiry Learning with Concepts” model, this unit you a wealth of meaningful activities to lift your students’ learning and to build on students’ interests and individual understandings. As H Lynne Erickson says (2007), “Using topics and facts as a support rather than as a final destination, will truly lift academic and teaching standards.”
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