Refugees Unit – ebook



Stretch your students’ thinking about important issues – like refugees, or prejudice…Take popular children’s novels that incorporate timeless themes and use them as Blooms-based activities to stretch students’ minds over literacy, social and environment studies, maths, art, and science. Great as a class unit or as an enrichment activity to challenge more able students.

This unit is based on BOY OVERBOARD by Morris Gleitzman. Includes a brief synopsis of the book, philosophical questions for discussion, Sternberg-type activities, and creative thinking activities. Based on UBD framework.

A couple of examples of Understandings from this unit:

• Your experiences influence your view of different cultures
• Refugees face various problems in their new country, as well as while leaving their own country and
while travelling.

A couple of Essential Questions from this unit:

• What problems do refugees face:
– immediate (0-3 months)?
– short-term (up to a year)?
– medium-term (1-5 years)?
– long-term (5+ years)?

• What are some of the reasons for people becoming refugees?

This is an an integrated studies unit (e.g. language, social and environmental studies, maths, art, science…).

✔ use either to “stretch” your more able learners, or as a class unit whereby the students are still given the choice of activities and the majority of the class will probably choose (and feel most comfortable with) mainly lower-level thinking skills activities.

✔ the high-level-thinking activities offered are specially designed with gifted learners in mind, who have both the capacity for sustained higher- level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, plus the ability to show task-commitment and independent work habits.

✔ useful also as an enrichment activity – use it for students who need something more challenging, when this unit ties in with other class studies. Look out for other titles in this series!

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