COMMUNICATION 1, INTRO (inquiry e-unit)



The concept of COMMUNICATION examines the role that communications play, using Big Understandings such as “We all have to communicate in some way”, and “Communication involves both sending and receiving messages or information”, through to Essential Questions such as, “What problems can lack of communication cause (e.g. prejudice)?” and “Why do messages sometimes get misunderstood?” PLUS a choice of creative thinking activities, assessment tools etc.
All the hard work done for you – provides you with the planning framework, a recommended video link or book as an introductory hook, a set of photocopiable cards to promote sharing of Prior Knowledge…assessments.. even a list of suggested resources!

Using the highly-praised “Inquiry Learning with Concepts” model, this unit offers you a wealth of meaningful activities to lift your students’ learning and to build on students’ interests and individual understandings. As H Lynne Erickson says (2007), “Using topics and facts as a support rather than as a final destination, will truly lift academic and teaching standards.”

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