CELEBRATIONS 1-Intro (inquiry e-unit)



Considers opposites such as joy vs grief; personal vs shared; celebrate vs commiserate; positive vs negative. A couple of samples of the Big Ideas:Every culture has special events that they celebrate; Celebrations are special, happy ways of marking an event; and Celebrations are a way of expressing your happiness and sharing it with others.The Essential Questions ask “deep thinking” and provocative questions such as, “How and why do we celebrate in our families?”; “What kind of rituals do celebrations in your family involve?”

Using the highly-praised “Inquiry Learning with Concepts” model, this unit offers you a wealth of meaningful activities to lift your students’ learning and to build on students’ interests and individual understandings. As H Lynne Erickson says (2007), “Using topics and facts as a support rather than as a final destination, will truly lift academic and teaching standards.”

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